Helping You Locate Community Resources

At the law office of Leonard F. Berg, Attorney at Law, in East Alton, Illinois, our elder law services encompasses many different elements to meet the needs of older adults. Some of those elements are directly related to being elderly or planning for the future, but don’t have much to do with the law itself. Some are related to the law and have nothing to do with the elderly except that our client is an older person who is filing a lawsuit or defending against a lawsuit. Some are a complete mixture of the two. Whatever the mixture of elements, we assist clients with them all. This includes Medicaid planning, Medicare Part D and prescription drug assistance.

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Routinely Dealing With Government And Social Service Agencies

Many matters that we handle involve the Illinois Department on Aging’s Community Care program, “Extra Help” for assistance in paying for prescriptions, and other community resources from government agencies, social services agencies, and nonprofit programs which often present a bureaucratic maze difficult for people to negotiate on their own. Many times benefits are not easily explained in the public web sites, but are available with a little bit of planning. We stay up-to-date on all these community resources so that we can thoroughly explain the benefits and pitfalls related to each one of them.

Understanding The Senior Citizen Real Estate Tax Exemption

Many senior citizens do not know about certain laws and regulations that are specifically designed to help with their financial situations. For instance, the government has established tax exemption programs. Also, low income people, including senior citizens on a fixed income, can sometimes defer the payment of their real estate taxes by having the state or county make a loan for payment of taxes. The loan is not repaid until the sale of the house. Also, the Illinois Department on Aging provides services and assistance to help low income seniors remain in their homes instead of going into a nursing home.

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