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The “Extra Help” program pays my Part D prescription plan and gives discounts. What do these notices mean?

Read the notices carefully, since you might have to respond. An ORANGE notice explains the small changes in your co-pays for next year. There are two types of BLUE notices. The first kind says that you will be reassigned since your insurance company is leaving the Medicare program. The second kind says that you will be reassigned since the insurance company’s premiums are rising above the government levels. Under both of these blue notices if you want to choose your own insurance company you must act before the end of the year. If you receive a GREY notice, you should take action before the end of the year. This notice means that the government believes your income or assets have increased or your premium is increasing too much; it may be necessary to file an appeal or choose a new insurance company. SHIP counselors can help you at (800) 252-8966 or email

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